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Our History

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers established the area we call Carriage Estates Neighborhood in 1822.  Perry Township, named in honor of Oliver Hazard Perry, a hero of the War of 1812, is one of nine townships that comprise Marion County, Indianapolis, Indiana.


Our neighborhood was founded between the years of 1961-1962. The land area that we now know as Carriage Estates Neighborhood, Wendy’s Restaurant, Steak n’ Shake and the Baxter YMCA was originally owned by a local farmer, Mr. John Howell. He lived in the home that still stands on Stop 11 Road just east of Coach Road. Mr. Howell sold his farmland to Mr. Yeager, a land developer, between the years of 1960-1961.


Desiring to develop this Southside farmland into a suburban neighborhood, Mr. Yeager parceled the land purchased into tracts called Carriage Estates. Each street in this neighborhood is named after horse drawn carriages: Surrey, Coach, Phaeton, Braugham, Singleton, Sulky, Chariot, Reda and Landau. Each new home built before 1972 came with a gaslight installed in the front yard of the property. This was to represent the carriage lanterns used during evening and night travel. Homes built after 1972 did not have the beautiful benefit of the gas lantern due to the natural gas shortage of the time. Most gas lanterns were subsequently converted to electric lights and homeowners had the option of installing an electric lantern or not. These lanterns are really a beautiful sight, especially on a snowy winter night.


Today, Carriage Estates has 234 lovely homes and is considered one of the most desirable and conveniently located neighborhoods on the Southside. It is an easy 15 to 20 minute drive to downtown Indianapolis and has everything one would need within 10 minutes from your front door - schools, entertainment, shopping, and delicious eateries. 


If you would like to read more about our history click on the view history tab below.


Carriage Estates Streets_edited.jpg


Our annual Neighborhood Luminary will be on Saturday December 16th 2023

at 7:00 pm (Rain or Shine).

All neighbors are encouraged to participate.

Image by Ozzie Kirkby
Sign Carriage Estates
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